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H16DOT переключатель Модуль расширения, фото 2
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  Digital Module
DI/DO points 16DO, Transistor output
COM Port Built-in 1*RS485
Remote I/O module Supported
The 16 DO(transistor outputs) can be used as the extension module for any types of PLC host;With the RS485 communication, it can also be used as remote IO; When a extension module hanging at the back of the host through the parallel bus, it can be powered by the inner 24VDC on the host; It must be powered by external 24VDC when capacity of the inner 24VDC supply is insufficient; When the module was used as remote I/O through serial bus, it must be powered by external 24VDC supply.
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Model Power DI DO Communication Dimension
H16DOT 24V DC   16 Transistor RS485 70*95*82mm

Terminal wiring diagram

  • Haiwell Industry Automation

Product DO specification

Item  Relay Output-R Transistor Output NPN-T
Resistance load 2A/1 point,8A/4 point per COM 0.5A/1 point,2A/4 point per COM
Inductive load 50VA 5W/DC24V
Light load 100W 12W/DC24V
Min. load 10mA 2mA
Voltage specification Below 250VAC,30VDC 30VDC
Drive capability Maximum 5A/250VAC MAX 1A 10S
Response time Off-on 10ms,On-off 5ms Off→On 10us, On→Off 120us
Leakage current when 
route opened
--- Below 0.1mA
Isolation mode Mechanical isolation Each Channel optical isolation
Output indication LED light means ON , dark means OFF
Power supply PLC internal power supply 24VDC

Digital Output (DO) wiring diagram

  • Haiwell Industry Automation


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